About Us

We YESSAR AGENCIES are well known as one of the quality and reputed offset printers based on Sivakasi, India , the second big printing centre next to Guttenburg in Germany. We are specialist in printing student excercise book covers and various kinds of book covers having a vast experience of about 30 years. We are a well known company for Excercise book manufacturer all over India.

Today we have increased our capacity with more than 100 workers and have diversified our business in various segments. We are manufacturing calendars, children activity books and coloring books. We offer various printing services as per our customer needs.

We have upgraded our various machines of the printing unit from prepress to post press to be more up to date. We are fully equipped from pre-press to post-press with the likes of Dainippon, Mitsubishi offset machines, Itoh gullotine machines, water based lamination machines, Stahll folding machines etc. We have a work force of more than 100 directly employed and many more indirectly employed.

We hope in the coming years we will develop into a stronger printing unit.